Risk Intelligence, Money Laundering Prevention

Assess the risk of incoming and outgoing funds and counterparties using our Risk Scoring API. With our behavior-based risk modeling, we can support your needs to monitor according to JFSA, FATF, JVCEA and other self-governing guidelines.

Reporting tools tailored for the Asian and Japanese crypto space make filing SARs and tracking unusual activity easy for compliance teams.

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Discover actionable insights for your compliance team from blockchain data

Our data covers coins within JFSA’s whitelist and more

Prevent fraud and investigate suspicious transactions with our data

Forensics and Investigative Tools

Flow of fund visualization and entity relationships help investigators create easily understandable graphs and diagrams with digital identity profiles.

Case Management gives quick access to transactions and entities of interest, monitoring for updates and report generation.

Assistance with requests for data/evidence so that you’re able to get the actionable data required in your case and the remediation process.

Accelerate your reporting

Our Approach to Data

Curation and Quality

Data is collected then analysis, pattern recognition, and heuristics are applied. This data is then confirmed by human operators and investigators. The result is a dataset that is continuously growing and continuously moving towards higher quality.


Content from the public Internet, deep web (SNS, etc), and even the dark web,are used in our analysis. Our data curation differs from the competitions due to our sharp focus on Asian languages including Japanese.

Data Partnerships

Our data comes from both OSINT and provided sources. Data has the best impact when it’s responsibly shared. We aspire to connect with other RegTech, data companies and cryptocurrency services.

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